Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chinatown project 2014

Seungmin Kim
Digital Photography
Eye contact
            To me China town is not an unfamiliar place. Although it is not entirely identical, it is closed to the culture that I have grown up with. Just by having a similar face, I am welcomed and invited into their culture. The life style within china town is not much different from other sides of New York City. It is composed of different materials that are slightly more exotic, but people’s lives are same. They work, they live and they react to camera as New Yorkers do.
            As a person with Asian outlook, I could easily approach people in Chinatown compared to other photographers. My presence in their space does not bother them to raise their head and care about me. However, the situation changes when I bring my camera out and set my self in a position to take a picture. They freeze as if they saw something forbidden. They stand still as soon as they notice my camera pointing toward them and stare into my lens. It is interesting that presence of camera changes my position from one of them to a stranger crossing their boundary. By capturing the moment when people stares through my lens, I tried to question the boundary of people’s comfort zone.

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