Wednesday, December 10, 2014



Seungmin Kim

No one is perfectly aware of their selves. In fact, a single person is consisted of several different aspects that significantly differs. But how do we define our selves? Our identity is often considered by other people's perception. That is our identity is heavily influenced by view points of others. 
In my project 'Perception', I reenacted the drawings of myself created by my friends based on their imaginations of 'what I would do at home." Result was quite interesting, none of the drawings were same. There are so many different possibility of viewing a single person. 
I shot both mask versions and non-mask versions  of the self portrait. On one hand, mask, in the pieces, represents the artificial identity created by others. On the other hand, my face without mask shows their vision.
Through this project, I wanted to explore how one's identity could be determined and how influential other people's voice is on deciding one's identity. 

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