Saturday, October 27, 2012


mirror maze, 2012, charcoal on paper, 47.6” x 35.4”

From the ancient times, artist depicted prettiest faces on the portrait drawings. However, pretty face is not only the face that human has. I wanted to prove that pretty face for portrait is orthodox is a lie. Thus, I intentionally put ugliest face up and depicted it realistically as possible.
Babel tower, 2012, pastel on paper, 35.4” x 47.6”
If there is a splendid history, there has been a thousand of hands behind to support and create such history. Although magnificence and impact is important, I think hands working behind secretly also deserve a same consideration and acknowledgement.

homesick, 2012,  Chinese ink on paper, 31” x 42.5”
Chinese ink is the material that has been used for the longest period in Asian art history. I can certainly say that, as a international studying away from my own home, my history of homesick is as long as the history of Chinese ink.

Still life, 2012, charcoal on paper, 32.6” x 24”
This object gives a warm feeling since it reminds me of the childhood memory that I spent at countryside. By using Charcoal, I tried to describe details ruggedly so I could convey the warmth coming from it.

Friday night, 2012, water color on paper, 23” x 35”
Friday is an ironic day when fatigue from entire week accumulates but at the same time the rest begins. Although I get compensated for the hard work over the week, I am not able to do anything due to the fatigue.

Seoul city, 2012  pastel on paper, 31” x 21.5”
Seoul, especially the place where I live, hannam dong is a center of the Seoul, which is very complicated and crowded with people and cars. Although the city is full of electric wire, cars and depressing grey buildings, this city is my favorite.

moonlight, wind and the flower, 2012, charcoal, pastel, ink on paper, 30” x 42”
If the object is not tangible, it is also hard to visualize it. Although moonlight and wind are easily seen and sensed, we cannot easily touch those nor come up with certain image for those. Flower is in the same vein; although we can see it and even touch it, it is hard to appreciate its beauty on the canvas. However, I think artist’s sentiment is the quality that allows us to express it in our words.
Us , 2012, carved on the wooden board that is painted in black ,12.6” x 20.4” x 20”

Due to the great movie ET, when we think of aliens, we imagine aliens as a creature with high intelligence, big head and non-human body. However, I wanted to crush the established image of alien. Moreover, I wanted to prove that human and alien are totally different is lie by depicting them half human and half as people imagine. My alien has a big head as people normally think; however, it's face is more close to that of a human and it has a bone structure which is also close to that of a human

croquis of an unknown man, 2012, charcoal on paper, 43”x 62”
These are croquis of a unknown man drawn during the class at academy. I tried my best to represent a roughness and stylishness rather than drawing every detail.
Despair, 2012, acrylic on Styrofoam board, 24.4” x 36.2”
Parrots never say something with their own will. The words that we hear from parrots are just mere repletion of the words it had heard. I think this repletion is not just for parrots; modern day salesman also repeats their work everyday. They do the same work everyday often without any self-consciousness nor hope for change. Since I value joy and change as the most important values of the life, I think such life is despair.

curiosity, 2012, pastel and color pencil on paper, 15”x 21”
Human tends to act as a group. However, there are some people who has their own opinion and step out of such group. These kind of people bring changes to the society and develops it. I wish I could be a such pioneer that can bring good to the society.

Energy, 2012, marker on paper, 21”x 15”

The pattern that is repeated through the piece symbolizes weight lifting. People tend to be most energetic when they are doing sports. I personally think that this kind of energy fulfills our life.

temptation, 2012, acrylic painting on paper, 21”x 15”
This piece is made by collaging solidified acrylic paint. Snake symbolizes malicious intention and temptation. I got inspired by this enticing quality of snake and tried to express through colorful scales of snake.

In or not, 2012,  acrylic painting on paper, 15”x 21”
Society is a gathering of a certain group of people who belongs to same mainstream. People ,at certain point of life, eventually makes an choice of either being absorbed to such mainstream or fall behind and rejected from community
Leo, 2012, acryl on paper, 15”x 21”
My strength is that my technique is rough. Although sensitivity and detail are embraced as the important qualities of art, I think roughness is as important as delicacy. My boldness close to that of a lion is very important quality in my piece and is what differentiates my pieces from those of others.

human usurpation , 2012, pen and charcoal on paper, 15”x 21”
I tried to express the human exploitation practiced in undeveloped countries. The social structures of the undeveloped countries allow big employers to abuse and usurp employee’s right to enrich themselves.

Talk behind, 2012, clay and acrylic paint, 8” x 6” x 9”

People call it a smart way to live when one knows how to hind his own nature and pretend to be nice infront of others. However, I wanted to prove such belief. If people create a fake mask and put it up, the hidden face comes out at some moment. Lying about oneself not only is mentally confusing and harmful but also is  just morally wrong. To show the two faced character of a liar, I put innocent face of a surprised man at the front and lying tongue at the back.

Investigator, 2012, string on wire, 6” x 4” x 16”
Everyone desires success and believes there is royal road toward success. Hanging their selves on a ladder towards success, they compete fiercely to climb it. Some people go straight up, others just hung their selves up and others fall down. However, each one of them is investigator who seeks the answer for the royal road to success.

One day, the TV show said "person's wealth is decided by the given wealth from their birth and there is no way to overcome such inborn gap between rich and poor." To prove that this quote is lie, I depicted a human figures climbing a ladder to a success which can ultimately lead them to success.

Plastic nature, 2012, clay on plastic (colored with acrylic paint), 8”x 12” x 27.5”
We consume nature too easily and too quickly and during such process, we create myriads of waste. However nature even embraces the garbage that we created. I wanted to express such generous connection between human and the nature.

Virus, 2012, paper and acrylic paint, 24.4” x 17” x 14”
The paper covering the mold made out of newspaper is a Korean traditional paper called “hanji”. I gave both architectural feeling and traditional feeling by adding housing factor such as veranda. On the other hand, the black hole in the surface symbolizes erosion of tradition due to too much scientific development. Ultimately, the modern life fails to coexist with tradition due to the virus caused by it self.